With everyone spending a lot more time at home these days, people are putting more effort into making it comfortable as well as multi-functional (think home office). Spending 24 hours a day in the same few rooms, might be giving us all a little cabin fever. We have found that occasionally changing up the room’s décor will not only gives it a fresh look, but it may also revive your senses and lift your spirits. Just by changing the wall color or adding a small new furniture piece can do wonders. Most people will agree on that.
When it comes to personal interior design style, however; that is where opinions and tastes diverge. We have found that most people prefer modern, clean-lined interiors with sleek furniture or finishes. Modern Designs include elements such as metals and glass, may have cooler color schemes and have more of a simplistic, clutter-free style.
On the other hand, some folks love the warm and cozy feeling that a Rustic Design gives them. The warm tones, rugged lines and natural materials like wood and textiles make them feel like feel more connected to the earth.
But what if you love both styles? Is it possible to combine them and get the best of both worlds? The answer is YES!
Today’s home design styles are combining the modern with the rustic and it works out beautifully …if blended correctly.

Designblendz, a successful 3D design-rendering firm based in Philadelphia, concurs: ”Boost property value by giving it a timeless appeal. The way to achieve this is by blending rustic home décor with modern staples. The key to creating the perfect balance between modern and rustic is keeping things simple with bold accents. Keep things neutral with a touch of color”

At we pride ourselves by offering furniture and décor items that reflect both of these designs.

We offer Rustic Loft Furniture that you can pair with our modern accents such as our metal-framed lanterns

As well, we offer Modern Loft furniture where you can add rustic touches such as vintage-look mirrors and comfy throws or candles

For example, take a couple these stunning Westwood polished nickel accent tables  and pair it with these earthy candles.

Either way, a blended style of Modern meets Rustic will sure to look wonderful in your home.

As always, be sure to check out our extensive range of products on our site.
Happy Designing!
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