Rugs have been around for centuries. Back before modern day wall-to-wall carpets, area rugs were the only option to add warmth and softness to flooring. But rugs are multi purpose. Not only do they add beauty, they must often fulfill other roles such as providing comfort or adding sound ambiance. Some need to be durable for high traffic areas in homes and offices, while some are strictly there for luxury. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that rugs are the most popular accent when it come to home décor.
How does one choose an area rug for the space they have? This is a great question! There are many factors to consider when choosing an area rug. We can walk through it with you below!


The main areas where rugs are used are in Living Rooms, Dining Rooms and Bedrooms but you will need to measure the rooms before you buy. Most people buy rugs that are too small or too large, making things look a little out of place.
In fact, area rugs do not have to fill up the entire room. The actual definition of a rug is that it is “material that covers only part of the room”. A small rug may make the room look choppy.
Remember that the rug should anchor the room and make it feel like it is whole and finished – for a beautiful cohesive look.
Here are some guidelines for choosing area rug sizes and their placement.

Living Rooms

An area rug should be large enough to place under the two front legs of the sofa. If your budget and space allows, invest in a larger size rug that can be placed under all furniture pieces. Just remember to try and keep it at least one foot away from the walls. If you only have budget for one nice area rug in your home, this is the room that should have it!

Dining Room

This is a little trickier. The rug that you place under your dining table not only needs to be durable enough to withstand spills and stains, it also needs to be large enough when the chairs are pulled out so they are still sitting on the rug. And don’t forget to measure your table with the extension in, just in case you have to accommodate larger parties. This is one location in the home where you may want to forego the area rug considering those factors.


Most people opt to place two small rugs or runners on each side of the bed and that works. For obvious reasons, placing an area rug under a large bed can get expensive plus most of the rug is hidden under the bed. However, by centering the rug under and around the foot of the bed, you still have the warmth and style while saving some money.
This is a really great sizing guide to help with rug placement from Designing


This is really a personal choice. There are so many color and pattern options with rugs that it can get overwhelming. When in doubt, solid patterns are best if you have many different styles of furniture or lots of different textures and accent colors in your room. A patterned rug may look a little busy. However, if your style is clean lined and minimalist, that patterned rug would add some visual interest. Choose a contrasting color to your walls if your want to go bold. Choose a similar color to your walls if you want your area rug to blend into your décor.


Rugs come in many different textures. Below are quick descriptions on the most popular:
Wool – Very soft, durable and resistant to most stains.
Silk – Luxurious and soft but not as durable. These are best for low traffic areas.
Cotton – Budget friendly, easy to clean but not long lasting.
Sisal or Jute – Natural Grass, very durable but may be difficult to clean.
Synthetic – Man-made, somewhat durable but not a luxurious feel. May have chemical odor at first. Examples are Nylon, Viscose and Polypropylene.
Generally, most of us do not think about how a rug was made when we are looking to add it to the design of our room. However, there are many different methods for rug–making that goes beyond the automated manufacturing processes. Alternatively, Hand Knotted, Hand Tufted and Hand Woven rugs are weaved from centuries old practices. Hand crafted rugs have a human element added. Attention to detail, pride in craftsmanship and timeless techniques lead to one of a kind pieces. It is almost like artisan’s love for their work is woven right into the rug itself!
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Happy Designing!
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