The Soft Loft is Here to Help You Create a More Cozy, More Stylish and More Peaceful Home!

The word “Loft” conjures images of fancy condos overlooking dazzling cityscapes. It also conjures images of minimalist abodes in the middle of the desert, overlooking miles and miles of orange, pink, and yellow rock. The word may also bring to mind cozy nooks in suburban dwellings, where kids can hide away to build forts, and where parents can hideaway to watch movies and sip wine.

So what is a loft, then? Which of the above is the correct interpretation? Our answer here at TheSoftLoft is: they all are! Lofts come in all shapes and sizes and crop up in all sorts of homes. There is no one true “Loft,” which means that lofts are democratic—they are for everyone! And yes, we really do mean that, even if you don’t actually have a loft!

Because the one thing that all lofts have in common is their emphasis on comfort. Lofts provide air and space through the use of levels, and large window typical of lofted homes let in lots and lots of glorious light. Lofts are all about flow; the flow of light, of people, of conversation. Anyone can bring flow to their home. And everyone should!
So whether you currently are sitting in your very own loft, or whether your feet are planted firmly on your living room floor, you can enjoy loft living. Here are the reasons why the Loft style works no matter where you live:
What is flow? Flow is the free movement of people, light, and what we will refer to as “energy” through a space. A room that is overstuffed with furniture, in which you have to tiptoe and maneuver around sharp corners and outsized lampshades, does not offer good flow. Stepping into it, you feel challenged rather than invited to find a spot to sit. This sort of design—busy, overwhelming, often elaborate decor—was popular in times when rules and decorum governed lives.
Lofts speak to a different sentiment. They are not closed and tight and do not force obeisance to old-fashioned hierarchies and traditions. They are open and inviting of anyone to sit wherever they wish, however they wish, whenever they wish. They lack the clutter and busy-ness of other spaces and instead allow the mind to wander freely. Lofts encourage imagination and freedom. Our throws look gorgeous anywhere and can be used for any purpose. Our rugs are big, bold, and cozy, offering warmth and plush floor seating. And the furniture is versatile and subtle, to lend shape and form to your room.
We believe comfort should be the number one priority of any home designer—after all, your home is where you are meant to spend the happiest hours of your life, surrounded by family, fun, and treasured belongings. Yet it is rare that we actually prioritize comfort over trends and style. So often, we are swept away by the latest home decor fashions and end up with chairs we never sit in and desks we never use.
Luckily, the Loft style allows you to build an attractive home while maintaining the highest level of comfort. Unlike most other home design trends, Lofts encourage the use of rustic touches that add texture to your look, while also adding in plenty of soft sheets and thick rugs. The result is a home that is classically beautiful, and contemporarily cozy.
Our massive homes are easy to get lost in: the teenagers may be sequestered in their rooms or they may be in the deep recesses of your basement. The children may be outside or they may be in the living room. Parents could be any number of places—just finding the person you’re looking for can take twenty minutes!

Lofts offer a nice alternative to the alienating huge-ness of today’s suburban homes. While spacious, Lofts consist of a few larger spaces where family members can gather and still have enough space to feel a sense of privacy. In a loft, you’ll never have to open a dozen doors to find your spouse. They’ll be right there, in the large dining and kitchen area, preparing your favorite meal and pouring you a glass of wine! (We can dream right?!)

While we can’t knock down the walls in your home—and don’t encourage you to do so, either!—you can reconfigure your living space so it is optimally inviting. Provide lots of seating in the living room, so teens craving privacy can find a nook to sit in. Sprinkle the room with nice-smelling candles, so your kids will be lured by the sweet smell of biscotti. And place some strategic mirrors so anyone on the way out for the day can have a quick glance at their reflection before they skip out the door.

No matter the shape of your home, you can bring the Loft lifestyle to it. Peruse TheSoftLoft’s collections of home goods today and marvel at how much cozier, more spacious, and more peaceful your house becomes!
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